See Annabel’s blog about our visit to the Engine Shed and Stirling Castle for John Hay’s tours in association with Historic Environment Scotland’s BSL Days.

Hello! My name is Annabel. This is my sign name BELL. I am here in the Engine Shed, in Stirling. In the morning we had a tour in British Sign Language led by John Hay in this building. It was very interesting, and a lot of people attended. I will show you a few sections behind me. This section is about stone work. John Hay explained to us that across the UK different types of stones are used in building, depending on the area. An example of this is the use of Sandstone in Scotland, perhaps in England they use other stone. Let’s move on again to the next section. This large exhibition behind me is made of iron. It is a copy of a piece from India. This piece was moved from a ceiling in Glasgow. This piece is new to the exhibition and there is no information yet. It is very heavy. You can see in the middle there is a small white square. It is possible to paint this in many different colours. This gives illusion of fake marble. This was just a brief taster of this big exhibition. How much did this building cost to buy? £1! It as renovated. Hopefully I will see you at future tours led by John Hay. Bye!