Our first student placement

Annabel Ladomery is a BSL interpreting student on placement from Heriot-Watt University.

English translation:

Hello and welcome to Glasgow! My name is Annabel and I am the first student at Deaf History Scotland. I’ve been studying at Deaf History Scotland for about 1 month. It’s really interesting work! I’ve been in the archives cataloguing new deposits linked to Deaf History. I will also go to Stirling for tours with a man named John Hay. He will do two tours: the first will be at the Engine Shed and the second at Stirling Castle. I’m really excited to learn about the history of Stirling. I’ve never been before! I’m here now in Glasgow on Buchanan Street (I don’t know if I’ve fingerspelled it right!). It’s exciting for me because I grew up in Edinburgh and this is my first time in Glasgow. Hopefully I will film again later. Bye!