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john_hay_1Welcome to Deaf History Scotland

For many years there has been a British Deaf History Society, but this has not included Scotland. In April 2008, an open meeting was organised by Scottish Council on Deafness (SCoD) to discuss this very issue. Over 50 people crowded the Deaf Connections Theatre (in Glasgow) and following presentations, it was decided to establish a Scottish society, which was later named Deaf History Scotland.

This website is dedicated to providing information, resources and details of events that promote and maintain historical issues in and around deaf people in Scotland.

Deaf History Scotland needs £10,000 to collate, store, preserve and share Scottish Deaf Archives with present and future generations.

DHS-AGM-2009-396Please help Deaf History Scotland raise £10,000 to collate, store, preserve and share Scottish Deaf Archives for present and future generations to enjoy and celebrate their heritage.



Scottish Deaf Heritage – the unique heritage that belongs to and is shared by the Scottish Deaf Community whose members prefer to communicate in their language, namely British Sign Langugae (BSL) and have the common experiences of being Deaf, going to specialist schools for deaf children, going to “Deaf Clubs” for recreation and participate in “deaf sports”, working in similar trades like joinery, car mechanics, shoe repairing, construction, knitwear & other clothes manufacture, etc.